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This is a legal service agreement (“Agreement”) between Kimi Information Center (“Kimi”) and you, the person seeking employment (“Job Seeker”) from employer (“Employer”), who agrees to the terms of this agreement by clicking “Register” on the Registration Form.
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This service is for a Job Seeker who is looking for a teaching position in Japan.
Registering with Kimi and displaying information on Kimi’s website must be conducted at your own risk.

Free of Charge.

All resume information is displayed on our website except for Job Seeker’s name, e-mail address, phone number and full address.

The following profile information may be used in conjunction with Kimi Information Center’s English School site. (Willbe English School website) for Japanese students to look for private lesson teachers.
-Education History
-Work History
-Picture (if uploaded)
-General Area of where you live

When posting the resume, a Job Seeker can control the level of visibility by choosing to keep the resume private. Employers will never be able to look at the resume unless submitted directly by the Job Seeker.

-Kimi serves to help the Job Seeker find a job in Japan.
-Job Seeker must abide by any agreements between Job Seeker and Employer.
-Job Seeker is responsible for keeping their password secret.
-Job Seeker is responsible for all information on their resume and must update it immediately if there are any changes.

-Job Seeker must delete or deactivate their resume if they are no longer seeking a job.
-Kimi is responsible for providing government institutions with all necessary information about Job Seeker when the following situations occur; illegal acts, harassment, etc.
-It is Job Seeker’s responsibility to change their Login Name and password, if it becomes necessary, through the “My Page” section of our Website.

[Kimi’s Right]
-Kimi has the right to edit or delete Job Seeker’s resume if mistakes or inappropriate statements are found.
-Kimi has the right to refuse Job Seeker’s registration request or terminate their membership without notice.
-Kimi has the right to e-mail notifications to Job Seeker when they find it is necessary to do so as part of Kimi’s service.

[Security and Privacy]
-Job Seeker must not disclose their User ID and Password to anyone.
-Job Seeker must not provide false or misleading information under any circumstances.
-All supplied content such as text, graphics, programs, all data sent by the Job Seeker, or other materials (including Job Seeker’s picture) used on Kimi’s website (“Website Content”) are the property of Kimi. Kimi reserves the right to delete data at any time. Job Seeker should not assume that data will be returned to Job Seeker in any way.

- Kimi will not sell, distribute or lease Job Seeker’s personal information (e-mail address, phone number etc.) to third parties unless Kimi has Job Seeker’s permission or is required by law to do so.

[Membership Termination]
Job Seeker can remove their resume at any time on the “My Page” section of our website.

The information supplied for each of the jobs is the responsibility of the Employer posting the advertisement. Kimi is not responsible for any damages caused by the job posting.
We reserve the right to reject any job posting (in this case, payments are refunded).
Job Seeker agrees not to hold Kimi liable for any loss or damage of any sort incurred as the result of any dealings with the Employer.

Job Seeker agrees to use this website, any or all of Kimi’s services provided on it, or links from Kimi’s website at Job Seeker’s own risk. Kimi is not responsible for any loss whatsoever that Job Seeker may incur by using Kimi’s service or website.

[Modify the agreement]
Kimi has the right to modify this agreement at any time and in any way that is deemed necessary. The amended agreement becomes effective the day it is posted on the Kimi website.

[Governing Law]
The laws of Japan shall govern this agreement in all respects. It is further understood that irrevocable consent is given by the parties to the non-exclusive personal jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court.

[Questions or suggestion]
If you have any questions or suggestion, we’d love to hear from you.