Job Details

Job No, 1594

Our school is the same group with EIKEN and
Obunsya famous publishing company as books for reference.
I can make an offer 2DK room in the same building(the School),
There is a big shopping mall in front of the AP, and takes 10min. to Moriya station. You can go to central Tokyo, 35min.
Not only teaching at Step World but also at private elementary school (next station) 1-2times a week.

Area Ibaraki
Closest Station(s) Moriya Station
Train Line(s) Tsukuba Express(TX)/ Joso Line
Language to Teach English
Contract Type Part
Salary 2,500-3,500yen/an hour
Transportation Fee Paid (Partially Paid up to 800yen/day yen)
Social Insurance No
Contract Term 3years
Accommodation Furnished Apartment, Rent 40,000yen(2DK)
Working Days & Hours Monday - Friday 16:30~20:50 Sunday 9:30~12:30
Start Date October in 2019/ Negotiable
Probation Period 1-month probation period(2000yen/hour)
Holiday 2days a week, depends on the year schedule (42lessons per a year)
Paid Holiday Summer 5 days/ Winter 7 days
Class Infomation
Student Age Infants(0-2 years old)
Toddlers(3-5 years old)
Children / Preteen(6-12 years old)
Teenagers(10-19 years old)
Adults(20- years old)
Job Description The job is not only teaching English at this school but also at private elementary school in ShinMoriya station. There are some kinds of courses, English convesation,Callan,Eiken 5th-2nd,Step course, Let's Go English1-6th courses etc. URL-http://stepwor
School info
School Type ESL School
Year Founded
Number of Teachers
Educational Background Graduated Undergraduate School
Experience More than 3 year/years
Teaching Certificate Not Required
Japanese Ability Intermediate
Visa Spouse of Japanese National
Child of Japanese National & Japanese
Permanent Resident
Visa Sponsorship No
Driver's License
(valid in Japan)
Not Required
Interview Method Interview in Person
Transportation Fee Paid No

Working Hours (required indicated in red)

  9- 10- 11- 12- 13- 14- 15- 16- 17- 18- 19- 20- 21-


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