Free Tokyo City Guide

SEE Tokyo through the eyes of English Speaking native!!


Kimi Information Center runs English Schools all over Tokyo. Our students who want to practice English can be your volunteer guide. Our guides might not speak perfect English, but their hospitality, spirit and cultural insight will make your Tokyo Experience heart-warming and memorable. They'll show you around your favorite neighborhood for free!

Suggested Sight Seeing Spots in Tokyo

  1. Asakusa & Ueno area
    Senso-ji Temple, Nakamise Shopping street, Sumida River Cruise, Tokyo Sky Tree, Ueno Park, Ueno Zoo, Art Museums, Science Museum, Ameyoko Market
  2. Akihabara & Ryogoku area
    Electric Town, Anime Shops, Sumo Wrestling Stadium, History and Folk Museum, Kitchenware and Tools street
  3. Imperial palace & Ginza area
    Imperial palace, National Diet, Yasukuni Shrine, Luxury Shopping Town
  4. Unique Tokyo experience
    Tea ceremony, Sumo wrestler's practice area, Harajuku cosplay street, Tsukiji fish market, Zen meditation,
    Dress in a Kimono, Samurai experience

Free Guided Tour Experience

We are very very thankful for the help of our friendly guides. It was great and interesting day without taking the wrong train or buying the wrong ticket.
Alone, you can get lost in this big city and spend more time wondering around than see the real things.

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