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Translation Service

We are a Translation Service Agency. We have strived to offer the best translation service for our customers throughout our 20 years of experience.
We are capable of translating a variety of documents such as Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, etc..
We also provide interpretation service and translation related services including proofreading and tape transcription.
Please feel free to contact us for a free estimate or other details.


Translation Process

Please fill out the order form to get free translation quote!
Please send an email to
with request files attached, your name and your contact number, after filling out the order form online.


2. Payment
After you confirm our quote of fees and delivery date, you make a payment by bank transfer or by cash.

3. Commencement of Work
Upon confirmation of payment, we start with our translation process.

4. Delivery
  As soon as we are done, our translation will be delivered by mail.
(You can also pick it up at our office located in Ikebukuro.)

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Price List

1.Japanese ⇒ English *Prices exclude Sales Tax.

Name Type Page Price
Family Register
New Style(top to bottom) 1 7,000 yen
Additional 5,000 yen / page
Old Style(right to left) 1 7,000 yen
Additional 5,000 yen / page
Birth Certificate
Booklet 2 12,000 yen
Marriage Certificate
- 1 6,000 yen
- 1 7,000 yen
Additional 7,000 yen / page
Tax Form
- 1 5,000 yen
Additional 3,500 yen / page
Payment Slip
- 1 5,000 yen
Additional 3,500 yen / page
Bank Account Statement
Cover Page & Statement 1 10,000 yen
Additional statement 3,000 yen / page
Others in General (Based on 400 characters = 1 page)
From 7,000 yen / page

2.English ⇒ Japanese *Prices exclude Sales Tax.

Name Type Page Price
Birth Certificate Booklet 2 12,000 yen
Marriage Certificate Booklet 1 6,000 yen
Affidavit of Marital Status - 1 6,000 yen
- 1 6,000 yen
Additional 6,000 yen / page
Others in General(Based on 200 words = 1 page)
From 6,000 yen / page

*All the documents will be authorized by Kimi Information Center with our company's seal.

3.Other Services *Prices exclude Sales Tax.

Name   Price
Proofreading 1 page From 3,000 yen
Tape Transcription 10 minutes From 5,000 yen
Interpretation 1 hour From 10,000 yen
Please contact us for more details.

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