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Since 1987, Kimi has been assisting expats in finding that perfect home at a fair price and providing job placement services for teachers all over Japan. We have some of the highest achievements and are one of the most trusted job/apartment services used by foreigners both in Japan and overseas.

When it comes to job-searching in Japan, be it for a part-time position or full-time position, you can turn to us to help you to find the jobs that you are looking for. View job listings for English-teaching positions, and get valuable advice about everything from apartment-hunting to translation services.

For accurate, up-to-date information and courteous assistance with everything you need to get your life on track, please enroll as a free member!

News and Topics

  • 2024-06-02  ★★SEE Tokyo through the eyes of English Speaking native!!★★   
    Kimi Information Center runs English Schools all over Tokyo. Our students who want to practice English can be your volunteer guide. Our guides might not speak perfect English, but their hospitality, spirit and cultural insight will make your Tokyo Experience heart-warming and memorable. They'll show you around your favorite neighborhood for free! ➡https://www.kimiwillbe.com/guide/
  • 2024-05-02  ★★日本人入居者も大歓迎! あなたに最適なアパートをお探しします★★
    ★登録物件数5000件以上 ★礼金ゼロ・敷金ゼロ・仲介料ゼロ物件多数!
    ★保証人不要物件多数!★お問い合わせはキミインフォまで ☎03-6281-0940
  • 2024-04-03  ★★Monthly Apartments:Furnished Short Term Rentals Month-to-Month Leases★★
    *Imagine having all the room of a city apartment with Furniture and Internet Service.
    ◆For a temporary stay while apartment hunting.
    ◆For short-term studying.
    ◆For accommodation for your long Vacation.
    ◆For long family visits

    Please check the link below and contact us!
  • 2024-03-04  ★★Here are some comments from our customers about our services.◆◆
    *Thank you for having my profile at Kimi Information Center. I appreciate you trying to help me out. Many thanks once again and all the very best to you. Kind regards Anuree
    *I have a great time using the kimiwillbe website for searching jobs and apartments. The website really helped me a lot. Thank you so much. Desiree
    *Thanks anyway for you valid service. ❤️ Jessica
    *thank you for all your help with job seeking and apartment choices for living in Japan.
    *Thank you for your wonderful service. Sincerely, Zulfiya
    *Good day! My appreciation for all the job postings I received from your company. And I appreciate all the help! Hannah
    *Thank you for your wonderful service. Sincerely, Zulfiya
    * I'm grateful for the help you provided until now, thank you a lot ♥️ Mathias
    *I would like to thank Kimi will be for helping me with my last apartment. I see that you all have a list of new apartments that are available for reasonable prices. Charles Harris
    *Dear Recruitment Team, I am very thankful for your guidance and help in my job hunting. Prava Kandel
    *I have been enjoying your site and it is a fantastic resource for information. Paul Treffer
    *I am ramial(Achraf from Morocco). I would like to thank you for yesterday's party. Fireworks in ukimafunado. I enjoyed my time with you and with all the people. Looking forward to seeing you again.From Télécharger
    *I really enjoyed my time in Japan, but I am back in the United States. Working with Kimi for job hunting and apartment hunting was an absolutely fantastic experience. I'll continue recommending Kimi to my friends back in Japan, and will definitely be working with Kimi whenever I can return to Tokyo in the future. Thank you! Dale Murphy
    .*I recently returned to the UK. Many thanks for all your help over the years from Eve Howard.
    .*I have been hired by an employer that contacted me through this Kimi website. Thank you, Adrian

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