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Job No, 711

Since many of the students at our school are beginners, we are really looking for a teacher who can create lively class atmosphere in the classroom so that the students may relax and not be afraid of making mistakes and also we expect a teacher to speak clear English with clear voice. There are two national parks near Kushiro, so if someone who wants to enjoy the nature, Kushiro is the good place to relax, and the food here is very good. Since the working hours weekly are not many (only 30 hours at a maximum), whoever wants to spend his or her own time relaxing may find our school great as a working place.

Area Hokkaido
Closest Station(s) kushiro station
Train Line(s) kushiro station
Language to Teach English
Contract Type Full
Salary 230,000 yen~250,000hen/month
Transportation Fee
Social Insurance No
Contract Term 1 year
Accommodation Fully Furnished Apartment with all the necessary equipment, two rooms with a balcony, on the fourth floor. The monthly rent is 48,000yen paid by a teacher. The heating allowance 2,000yen paid by Company (during the winter)
Working Days & Hours Tuesday to Saturday 25 hours teaching at a maximum/week, 30 working hours at a maximum/week
Start Date February 1, 2021
Probation Period
Holiday Sundays and Mondays
Paid Holiday Summer 5 days /winter 5 days (9 days in each including 2 days-off)
Class Infomation
Student Age Adults(20- years old)
Job Description Mainly teaching English to adults in-house at our school and the class size is pretty small from a private basis to a group of three up to five. The class level varies from beginners to advanced(many of the classes are from beginners to intermediate).
School info
School Type ESL School
Year Founded 1987
Number of Teachers 1
Educational Background Graduated Undergraduate School
Teaching Certificate Not Required
Japanese Ability Not Required
Visa Working
Visa Sponsorship Yes
Driver's License
(valid in Japan)
Not Required
Interview Method Skype Interview
Transportation Fee Paid No

Working Hours (required indicated in red)

  9- 10- 11- 12- 13- 14- 15- 16- 17- 18- 19- 20- 21-


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