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How to find your job in Japan through KIMI’s website

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Since 1987, Kimi has been providing job placement services for teachers not only in Japan but all over the world.
We have some of the highest achievements and are one of the most trusted job services used by foreigners both in Japan and overseas. When it comes to job-searching in Japan, be it for a part-time position or a full-time position, you can turn to us to help you find the jobs that you are looking for.

With accurate, up-to-date information and courteous assistance we have everything you need to get your life on track.
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Q& A : How to find your job on KIMI's Website

How to get started
Q1. I want to contact the school directly to apply for their job. Can I get the contact information of the school?
A1. No. Since applications are sent to the employers directly online, we are asking all the applicants to use our website to apply for any jobs.
Q2. I tried to create an account, but I cannot register. Why?
A2. You might have already created an account with your e-mail address. Please try to retrieve your password from here. https://www.kimiwillbe.com/members/forgot/
If you are still having a problem, please contact us.
Q3. Do I need to fill out all the resume forms on the website?
A3. You do not have to, but writing a good resume will definitely help you get a job easier.
Since schools receive many applications daily, they do an initial elimination by screening your online resume,
so it's important for you to make a well-written complete resume.
Q4. Why do I need to post a picture?
A4. You might find it unusual, but in Japan, you always attach a photo of yourself on your resume.
You do not have to upload it, but a friendly-looking picture will help you find a job in Japan.
Q5. What kind of picture should I post on the site?
A5. It should be something appropriate for a Japanese employer to receive.
First impressions are important, especially for kid's classes.
Schools are looking for someone who looks friendly and not scary.
- Something similar to a Passport photo taken in the last 3 months
- Look straight into the camera and SMILE! Look friendly yet professional.
- Dress appropriately
- Be well groomed
- No hat, sunglasses or visible piercings or tattoos.
- Obviously NO Group shots!
Q6. I found a job already. How do I delete my resume online?
A6. Log in to your account.
Click on "Profile" and choose "I do NOT want to upload this resume online." at the top of the page.
Job Search and Applications
Q7. I cannot upload my picture. Why?
A7. The size of the picture might be too big.
Please send your picture to us by e-mail [kimiinfo@kimiwillbe.com]. We will resize and upload it for you.
Q8. How do I Apply?
A8. Go to "Search for Jobs" and Click on "more" for each job you are interested in.
At the bottom of the "Job Details" page, there is an "Apply" button.
Q9. The "Apply" button has disappeared. What happened?
A9. You have already applied for that job.
Please click the "My Applications" link located in the panel on the left to check your history of jobs applied for.
Q10. How do I know if my applications have been sent properly?
A10. You can check your history of jobs applied for in the "My Applications" section located in panel on the left.
Q11. I have applied for several jobs, but I have not heard back from any of them.
Is there anything wrong with my application?
A11. Due to the large number of employment applications received, employers only respond to the applicants they are interested in.
In order to increase your chances of responses of employers responding to you, please check your resume and picture one more time. If you have any reference letters from previous employers, you should mention that in your resume!
Here are some tips for making your resume more appealing.
* Try to keep it simple. Employers are busy people. They do not want to read long resumes.
* Avoid Abbreviations (BA, MBA etc.) Do not assume that the employers know what they mean.
* Keep the language simple.
* Make sure that there are NO spelling mistakes.
* If you have teaching experience, try to include some details.
(i.e. Class Types/Students Ages/Levels etc.)

Q& A : How to find your job on KIMI's Website

Here are some useful tips for setting a job in Japan.
We hope that they will be value for your job search
Q1. What should I wear for an interview?
A1. It is important for you to have a good appearance as well as good manners at a job interview.
You should dress conservatively and professionally. First impressions count!
Men : a business suit
Women : A suit with a skirt or a pair of pants
NO mini-skirts, tank tops, funky hair styles, heavy make-up or jewelry
- Do not dress in Jeans or T-shirts
- Be well groomed (Be clean shaven)
- Try to cover up any visible tattoos or piercings if you have any
- Smell fresh. Do not smoke or wear too much perfume.
(Employers who have classes for kids especially care about this.)
- Do not chew gum.
Q2. How long before the interview should I arrive?
A2. Show up at least 5-10 minutes early to an interview. (but not too early)
Especially in a big city like Tokyo, it can be very confusing to find a location.
Check time tables of trains or buses ahead of time. Google Map (Street view) comes in handy as well.
Q3. I am running late for an interview. What should I do?
A3. CALL the school/company right away to let them know that you are on your way.
Q4. What do I need to bring to a job interview?
A4. You should have the following at least.
- Resume
(Print it out and bring it with you even if you have already sent it to an employer).
- ID (Passport/Residence Card/Driver’s license etc.)
- Reference letter or Materials you are familiar with using if there are any
- Memo pad and pen
(To write down what an employer said during the interview)
Q5. How should I behave during the interview?
A5. Employers are looking for someone who is enthusiastic, cheerful and lively.
Nobody wants to hire someone who is tired, bored and dismal. Be positive and smiley!
You should listen to what an employer says and write down any notes you think are necessary.
Answer questions with a clear voice and a smile, but don't talk too much about yourself.
Q6. What are they going to ask me during the interview?
A6. Here are some common questions that employers ask at an interview.
- Why did you come to Japan? What did you do back home?
- Why do you want to teach English in Japan?
- Do you enjoy teaching?
- Can you teach kids? Can you sing and dance with kids?
- What is your plan for the future? How long are you planning to stay in Japan?
- Why did you decide to become a teacher?
- Tell me about yourself.
- How do you encourage students to learn? Can a student be forced to learn?
- What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses?
- Describe your student teaching experience.
- What will you be doing in five years?
- What do you like most/dislike most about teaching?
- How do you feel about noise in the classroom? How do you handle noise in the classroom?

Think about what they might ask you beforehand!

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