Need help to set up an INTERNET connection in ENGLISH?

B FLET’S Internet Services

Price List

Plan Information Price from the 2nd month
TOTAL per month
Plan 2 Mansion / Apartment
(20 units or more)
2,750 900 3,650yen
Plan 1 Mansion / Apartment
(10 – 20 units)
3,150 4,050yen
Mini Mansion / Apartment
(4 – 6 units)
3,750 650 4,400yen
Family House / Mansion / Apartments
which don't have
the facility
4,500 1,000 5,500yen

*1)If you cancel the service within 2years, 1,500yen (Line service) & 5,000yen (Provider service) will be charged as a penalty.
*2)NTT will cover the installation fee (24,000yen) for new customers as a campaign. However, if you cancel the line service within 30 months, the penalty of 700 yen x the remainder of the 30months will be charged.
*3)There is a onetime registration fee of 3,800yen.
*4)Monthly payment can be paid at any convenience store.
*5)It takes a couple of weeks to get the service started. (Depending on the area).
*6)8% tax is not included.

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