No.7736 NZ ◆ Dia Palace Chidoricho Room #303
1R in Ota Ku, Tokyo
No Key Money ◆ No Deposit Easy Access to Shibuya and Yokohama
60,000 yen


Private Apartments

No Key Money 2F and above

Rental Conditions

Rent 60,000 yen
Maintenance Fee 5,000 yen
Agency Fee 66,000 yen
Guarantor Service Fee 65,000 yen
Lock Change Fee 24,200 yen
Insurance Fee 20,000 yen
Cleaning Fee 33,000 yen
Electricity Not Included
Gas Not Included
Water Not Included
Internet Fee Not Included
Other Expencses 18,700 yen
Approx. Total Initial Cost 291,900 yen
Other Expenses Description ★TOTAL MONTHLY COST★
Rent 60,000 yen + Maintenance Fee 5,000 yen = 65,000 yen

【Other Monthly Fee】
* Utility Fee (Gas, Electricity and Water) : about 10,000-12,000 yen/month (depending on your usage)
* Internet Fee : about 5,000-7,000 yen (depending on your choice of internet company and speed)

【Yearly Fee】
* Guarantor Fee : Price above for the 1st year only. From 2nd year, 14,000 yen per year.

【Every 2 years】
* Insurance Fee : 20,000 yen
* Renewal Fee : 100 % of the monthly rent
* 24H Support Fee : 18,700 yen

【One Time Payment : Not Refundable】
* Key Money: See the fee above
* Deposit : See the fee above
* Key Lock Change Fee : 24,200 yen
* Cleaning Fee : 33,000 yen

* Agent Fee 66,000 yen must be paid by the tenant.
* In addition to the initial costs above, a prorated rate of the rent will be required, depending on the move-in date.
* Minimum stay : 1 year (Penalty fee : 1 month rent)

Building Details

Bldg Type Mansion
Number of Floors 7
Number of Units 41
Bldg Features Elevator, Autolock, Delivery Box, Bike Parking Available,
Bldg Structure Reinforced Concrete
Year Constructed 1991
Bldg Description Close to Station,
Access Tokyu Ikegami Line - Chidorichou Station
4 min. walk

Tokyu Tamagawa - Shimomaruko Station
4 min. walk
Distance to Key Stations 25 minutes to Shibuya
20 minutes to Meguro
30 minutes to Yokohama
15 minutes to Kawasaki

Room Details

Layout 1R
Floor of Unit 3
Guarantor Not Required
Guarantor Company Required
Overseas Reservation Not Possible
Visa Student, Working Holiday, Work, Spouse of Japanese National, Permanent Resident,
Minimum Stay 1 years
Direction Facing East,
Interior Flooring,
Size 17.5 sq.m
Available From 2024-02-06
Room Descriptions Balcony, Air Conditioner/Heater, Refrigerator, IH Stove, Space for Washing Machine, Unit Bath,



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