Thank you for your interest in our service and for signing up for a free tour of our beautiful city of  Tokyo. To tell you briefly about us, part of our business is running English schools in Tokyo.
 Our students, who would like to communicate and practice English with foreigners,
 will be your guides. Please understand that they are not professionals.
 Also, we cannot guarantee that we can find someone for you since being a guide is voluntary!
 In order for us to look for a guide for you, please let us know the following;


E-mail Address*
Phone Number in Japan
Hotel Name (Where you will stay)
Hotel Address and Phone Number
Arrival Date
Number of People who will join the tour Person(s)
Age (Everyone if your Party)
Gender (Everyone if your Party)
When you would like to have the Guide Tour
Where you would like to go
Your Message

Once we have confirmed the student(s) who will be giving you your tour, we will pass on your email to them.
When they contact you, please schedule your meeting place and time with the student(s) directly.

After your tour, please do the following;

  1. 1. We ask that you write a short comment about your tour and send it to us via e-mail at with "Tour With (Student(s) Name)" in the subject line.
  2. 2. At the end of your comment, please let us know whether it would be OK or not to post your     comment on our website and Facebook page.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Thank you again for signing up for the free tour.

We hope you have a wonderful visit. Safe travels!

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